How to Start a Handyman Business in Ohio

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Handyman is a term that describes a person who can fix virtually anything in the home, from leaky faucets to broken air conditioning units. These types of people are in extremely high demand because people are not taking the time to learn about home fixtures to prevent having someone come out and fix it for them. Granted, not everyone can work on air conditioning units. The people that are qualified to work on air conditioning units are HVAC certified and they know all about the freon and electrical wiring that makes the unit work. Starting a business in Ohio, especially a handyman business, will only help the state maintain the living conditions that any American family will want: a functioning home. Just like starting any other business, there are a few preliminary things that must be taken into consideration.

Formulate a business plan. In the business plan, you will need to figure out your start up capital based on tools you need to buy, licensing, inspections, certifications, labor, rates, fees, and virtually everything you need to know about your business, including knowing when to pull the plug on your business.

Acquire a loan or grant in order to pay for everything you will need to get your business started. Take into consideration whether or not you want to have a business location outside of the home and whether or not you want to sell tools and supplies for other handymen in the state.

Apply for and get all of the licensing, permits, and certifications that you need. With a handyman business you will need a business license, HVAC certification, electrical certifications, and a license to sell if you intend to sell supplies to walk in customers.

Lease a building to set up shop if you decide not to run the business out of your home. Have the health department perform a preliminary inspection so that you know what needs to be done in order to meet the state's requirements for your store. After you set up shop and before opening day, have another inspection performed. This will ensure that you have everything in order and are not doing anything illegal.


  • Call the health department to be transferred to all departments you will need to start a business. You can purchase several comprehensive books on starting a handyman business which will give you ideas on filing, finances, and several other aspects of your business.