How to Fund a Low Power FM Radio Station

by Theresa Custodio ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Funding assistance for a low-power FM radio station is available through grants from the U.S. government. These grants are designed to fund up to 75 percent of the construction and equipment costs to build a low-power FM radio station. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is responsible for administering the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program. The PTFP is the competitive grant program that awards money to help fund the startup costs of a low-power FM radio station.

Log on to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration homepage. Click on the “Public Telecommunications Facilities Program” link. It will take you to the PTFP page.

Click on “What’s New at PTFP.” Click on the “Federal Register Notice of Availability of Funds” link. This brings up a page where public notices pertaining to federal funding are posted. You will find current information about fund availability and deadlines for the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program listed under the Department of Commerce heading.

Return to the main PTFP page. Click on “How to Apply.” Here you will find more information about the current grant cycle, deadlines, rules, webinars and how to contact the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program. By clicking on “Frequently Asked Questions” you will be taken to a page providing information about the PTFP program.

Return to the PTFP homepage. Click on “How to Apply,” then click “Application Form.” Here you will find the forms you must submit to apply for a grant for a low-power FM radio station. Project information, equipment needed for your station and any equipment you may have are all part of the application process. Click on “Preparing an Application” for help and more information.

Return to the PTFP Frequently Asked Questions page and click on the “Are Low-Power FM Stations Eligible for PTFP Funding” link. Click on “Guidelines for Station Activation Projects.” This takes you to a page with further instructions on applying for funding for a low-power FM radio station, including the scope of the project, site names, FCC applications, technical qualifications and more.


  • The Public Telecommunications Facilities Program will provide you with guidelines on the many documents necessary to complete an acceptable application.

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