The United States Postal Service (USPS) maintains a Universal Service Obligation governing how expectations are met by consumers. The USO, in the most general sense, means that consumers can expect reasonable delivery services at fair prices. The USPS takes delivery issues seriously. If your business is having delivery problems, reporting the problem to the USPS helps identify the cause of the issue and resolve it.

Inconsistent Business Service

Inconsistent delivery and pickup can be a major issue for businesses. The USPS delivers mail Monday through Saturday. This includes business delivery.

Inconsistent delivery and pickup might be the result of a business's intermittent or regular closure. This isn't the USPS's fault. For example, some buildings or business districts might not have many businesses operating on Saturdays, so delivery might be delayed to Monday. Speak with the postal carrier to see if there is a problem like this that is easily resolved.

If inconsistent delivery or pickup is not due to office closure, call the USPS branch responsible for processing the office's mail. Discuss the issue of inconsistency. There may be other businesses having the same issue with a specific postal carrier.

Use the "lost mail" reporting system on the USPS website for mail that hasn't arrived at the desired destination. Perform a lost mail search a week after the anticipated delivery date. If there is is no tracking number, the chance of finding a lost item is remote. However, there are stories of parcels being found years later.

Letters and packages with tracking numbers are easier to locate, and you can search for these on the USPS website. First enter the tracking number to find the item's last known transit location. If the item doesn't move from this location in tracking, use the lost mail reporting system.

Insured Delivery Claims

Certain letters and packages are mailed with a specified insurance value. Damaged boxes and poor packaging can result in damage to contents and make them eligible for insurance claims. Parcels that never make it to their destinations are also eligible for claims.

Speak with the local USPS branch about filing a claim because time frames vary from branch to branch. Most domestic claims can't be started before seven to 15 days depending on the delivery type. The maximum timeframe to make a claim from the date of mailing is no more than 60 days.

Fraudulent Activity Reports

Delivery issues resulting from fraud, mail theft and identity theft are handled by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service division. Common complaints stem from scams including sweepstakes, chain letters, online auctions and work-at-home scams. File a complaint online at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service website, the federal law enforcement arm of the USPS. Complaints can also be filed via telephone by calling 800-275-8777.