How to Track Certified Mail Without a Tracking Number

by Stephanie Ellen; Updated September 26, 2017
Track mail with your certified mail receipt.

Certified mail is a service offered by the United States Postal Service. It provides you with proof of mailing and proof of delivery for a mailed item. When you mail the item, you fill out a U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail Receipt. The receipt contains information about who the package was sent to and how much the package cost to mail. You can use the information on the receipt to track your item without a separate tracking number.

Step 1

Locate your certified mail receipt. The certified mail receipt is a green and white receipt about two inches square.

Step 2

Look for the certified mail number on the receipt. The certified mail number is a vertical line of twenty numbers. It runs from the top to the bottom of the receipt on the left hand side.

Step 3

Click on the USPS website listed in Resources, then click on the "Track and Confirm" button.

Step 4

Enter your certified mail number in the "Enter Label/Receipt Number" box, then click on the "Go" button.


  • If you have lost your certified mail receipt, you can also find the certified mail number on your register receipt that you received after payment.


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