If you have experience maintaining and repairing printers, you may be able to transform that expertise into a thriving business. Whether you choose to repair printers as a part-time sideline or make it a full-time occupation, running a printer repair business can be lucrative. Many companies have begun to outsource their printer repairs to third party businesses and individual technicians, and this represents an important opportunity for those with the right kind of expertise.

Step 1.

Determine the scope of your business. Many printer repair technicians choose to start small by repairing printers on a part time basis. Starting out with a part-time business is a great way to test the waters without giving up your full-time career.

Step 2.

Research the local market before you get started. Use your local business directory to determine how many small to medium-size businesses are operating in your area. Large national companies will often use their own in house staff for printer repair or outsource those services to larger firms. Small to medium-sized businesses, on the other hand, may be more receptive to individual printer repair technicians.

Step 3.

Consult with an attorney who specializes in small business start-ups. There are a number of important considerations when starting a new business, including taxes, business structure and licensing requirements. A good lawyer will be able to walk you through the process and help you get your business off to the best start.

Step 4.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce and your local chapter of the Better Business Bureau. These business organizations are a great way to network with other professionals and get the word out about your business.

Step 5.

Make personal contact with the owners of small and mid-size companies in your area. Get business cards made and take them with you as you visit your local businesses. If possible try to set up a meeting with the decision makers in each company. Getting the ear of the person in charge of maintenance services and computer technology is the best way to build your business.