How to Start a Sticker Business

Stickers are fun to make and to use. With today's desktop publishing programs and the quality of printers and papers, you can create small quantities of customized stickers. If you need large quantities, commercial printing is available on line.

Create a selection of stickers to use for promotional purposes. These stickers should be similar to the ones you plan to sell and easily customizable for your local customers. It is easier to sell your products if the potential customer can see a benefit in using them, whether for advertisement or personal use.

Advertise your business within your budget. Use personal contacts, inexpensive or free classified ads, flyers and word of mouth to create awareness about your new venture. If your stickers are a great advertisement, take a few samples by the different business you go to on your regular schedule. Display your stickers on your books, your purse, anything you carry that people will see. Be sure to have samples with your contact information to pass to those who ask about them. The more people see the stickers, the more likely they will be to contact you about placing an order.

Launch a website and sell online. Create a website and then use different methods to drive business to your website. One method is linking back to your website from auction sites such as Ebay or Etsy. Another method is placing a free online classified ads at places such as UPillar. Both of these methods will drive traffic back to your website.


  • Fill orders promptly. This will lead to re-orders and excellent word of mouth advertisement


  • If you are asked to bid on a job, be sure you read all information before bidding.