When you're a fledgling jewelry designer, getting your design on a celebrity can shoot your business' profile sky-high. However, it's not easy to jump from relative obscurity to jeweler-to-the-stars level. Marketing fashion to a celebrity, jewelry included, is a task that involves lots of time, a good deal of money and some networking savvy. If your goal is to adorn the neck of a superstar, here are tips to help get there.

Things You Will Need
  • Storefront or retail website

  • Jewelry pieces

  • Marketing firm, PR agency, or press release service

  • Marketing kit including look book, bio and business cards

  • Financing for sponsorship

Step 1.

Prepare yourself to invest extra cash in this process. The best way to sell jewelry to a celebrity is to give it away first. There will also need to be a cash outlay for press releases, marketing help, postage, packaging and other related expenses.

Step 2.

Have a website or consistent retail location full of product to sell from. Celebrity stylists, editors and magazines like to have a name to print or a line to look at. If there's no merchandise to buy or select from, your operation will look unprofessional and light-weight.

Step 3.

Choose to focus on celebrities that wear fashion complimentary to your line's style. A line that specializes in abstract body jewelry will probably appeal to a young pop star more than a foreign drama siren. Don't dilute your jewelry style message by appealing to too broad a base.

Step 4.

Engage the help of a marketing consultant, firm or press release service that can facilitate contacts and spread word of your jewelry. These firms have the contacts needed to get your pieces into the hands of the hottest stylists. That, in turn, will create buzz, which will get your product into the trendiest stores.

Step 5.

Seek out celebrity events that offer an opportunity to market your product. Award shows, fashion shows and private parties often pursue sponsorships for gift bags and party favors. Give out promotional materials with your freebie that include a discount code for the website, along with an invite to a private jewelry show or other event throw by you. Be prepared to pay good money for the privilege of sponsoring or contributing products for A-list celebrity events.

Step 6.

Vend your product at a store with a high percentage of celebrity shoppers. For those who are just starting out, or who have one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, consignment selling may be just right. If the product is suitable, the celebrity will buy it and wear it on their own accord.