Before shipping an item at the post office, consider making your own package labels. The outside of a package is typically the customer’s first impression of the company or product. Making your own package labels allows you to market your business and personalize the package. Microsoft Word allows you to create free package labels with many available templates. You can insert your company’s logo, customize the colors of the label and even add a photo to make the package personalized.

Things You Will Need
  • Microsoft Word

  • Printer

  • Avery shipping labels

Step 1.

Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Once the “New Document” dialog box appears, select “Labels” under “Microsoft Office Online” on the left side of the box.

Step 2.

Select “Mailing and Shipping” from the list of choices. Another choice list will appear. Click on “Business” and choose a shipping label template that suits your style.

Step 3.

Remove the text on the template. Replace this text with your own information.

Step 4.

Experiment with the font. From the “Home” tab, you can elect to change the font style, color and size. Make sure that the font is legible so that your package arrives at the right location.

Step 5.

Add a picture or company logo to the package label. Click on the “Insert” tab located at the top of your document. Select “Picture” to add a file from your computer, or select “Clip Art” to search for artwork included with Microsoft Office.

Step 6.

Check over your shipping label to ensure that there are not any mistakes. Once everything appears fine, select “Print” from the “File Menu.”

Step 7.

Select “Print” once the printer dialog box opens. You can change the printer setting by selecting “Properties.” This will allow you to change the paper type, the paper size and the quality of your print. Follow the directions on your printing labels.