As an Avon representative, you can promote awareness of your business with a variety of resources, including business cards. You have the option of creating your cards with resources the company offers or of making them independently. However, to maintain a standard and prevent copyright infringement, the company has some restrictions on the appearance of the cards.

Ordering Cards through Avon

Avon has no restrictions on where you can get your business cards, but it suggests that representatives order through the Avon Advantage Program. The company has contracted with Town and Country Printing to provide business cards with Avon's official logo. Log in to and select "Resources" to see the option for business cards. You can enter the information you want on your cards, such as your name, contact details and your electronic store web address. You can also select the size of the cards and the number you wish to order.

Ordering Independently

You can choose a different printing company if you prefer not to use Avon's resources or you can print your business cards yourself. These options allow you to create a design of your choice. Note, however, that you can't use Avon's logo or images for your cards if you choose this option.