A well-scripted, beautifully illustrated brochure will help you achieve higher gift-basket sales. Having a brochure to show a potential client could help you get pre-sale baskets or sell quantities of baskets. Showing a nice-looking brochure will make you and your business look more professional. A brochure with pictures of baskets is good for clients to show their friends and other potential customers. With some work and careful planning, your gift-basket brochure will be an excellent point-of-sale tool.

Things You Will Need
  • Three gift baskets

  • Plain tablecloth or sheet

  • Two pushpins

  • Digital camera

  • Cellophane bags

  • Pretty bows

  • Computer

  • Color printer

  • Graphics program

  • Word processor

  • Business name

  • Article text

  • Prices

  • Basket descriptions

  • Brochure paper

Step 1.

Arrange one of your gift baskets in an area that is well lit without a lot of background or surrounding clutter. Hang up a sheet or tablecloth on a wall with some pushpins. Put the basket in front of it. Take several pictures of the gift basket in different directions and poses. Then remove the first basket and take a picture of the second then the third basket. Get some close-up pictures of the contents of the basket, too.

Step 2.

Put the baskets in individual cellophane bags and tie them up with pretty bows. Take pictures of the wrapped baskets in front of the hanging sheet. Take several pictures from different angles.

Step 3.

Load the digital pictures into your computer. Review the pictures and choose the ones you will use. Choose pictures that show the contents the best and look the most attractive for sales.

Step 4.

Load brochure paper into the printer and begin formatting your brochure. Open the brochure template in your graphics program. Be sure that your brochure program matches the brochure template number you have selected. Look on the brochure packaging to find the template number.

Step 5.

Write your article text in a word processor on your computer. Write descriptions of the baskets, including prices, contents and the name of your basket. Copy and paste the information into your brochure template along with your basket pictures.

Step 6.

Type in the name of your business somewhere prominently. Include your contact name and phone number. For the customer’s convenience, you might want to include payment methods. Tell customers if you accept credit cards, checks or cash only. You might also want to briefly describe your return policy and customer service motto.

Step 7.

Print the brochure on one side, then turn the paper around and reinsert it in the printer. Print the other side. Fold the brochure.


You might need to print several test pages before you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Pay attention to the type of printer you are using, either laser or inkjet. This is important when choosing the right paper.