In 1994, Roman, Inc. introduced its now-famous Seraphim Classics angels line of figurines. These resin-cast porcelain and marble figurines are popular with collectors across the United States and abroad. Many brick-and-mortar and online retailers sell new and collectible Seraphim Classics angels and other Roman products like Elf on the Shelf products and the Fontanini Heirloom Nativity.

If you operate a gift shop, particularly a gift shop that focuses on religious or inspirational gifts, seraphim angels can be a very popular item to stock. Take a look at the store locator on Roman's website to see if there are any other retailers in your area that are already selling Roman products.

Create a Roman Seraphim Angels Account

Buying and selling Roman seraphim angels isn’t the same as buying generic products from a supplier like Alibaba or Wholesale Central and reselling them. If you want to become an official retailer of Seraphim Classics angel figurines, you must purchase them directly from their manufacturer, Roman.

In order to purchase Seraphim Classics angel figurines wholesale from Roman, you have to be a qualifying retailer. To qualify and become eligible for a retailer account with Roman, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a valid tax resale identification number
  • Provide a bank reference
  • Provide three business references
  • Make an initial purchase of at least $300 worth of wholesale product
  • If you are an internet reseller, you must provide a verifiable online presence

Additionally, a reseller’s first purchase every year must be for at least $300 worth of wholesale Roman seraphim angels to remain a qualified reseller. Following this initial purchase, all reorders must be for at least $100 worth of products. Music boxes must be placed in separate orders from Roman seraphim angels, and these too must be ordered in batches of $100 or more.

Order and Stock Seraphim Angels for Sale

After ordering seraphim angel figurines from Roman, place them for sale in your shop. This could mean putting them on store shelves or listing them in your online shop. Price them according to Roman’s suggested retail price and your shop’s operating costs.

If you did not order your seraphim angels from Roman because you are reselling vintage figurines, determining how to price them appropriately will require some research. You can find seraphim angels for sale on websites like eBay and Amazon and from private collectors. Finding vintage seraphim angels on the internet can be made easier by using tools like Storemeister, a website that curates listings from multiple wholesale and retail websites.

Connect With Seraphim Classics Angel Collectors

Once you have an inventory of seraphim angels for sale, make sure prospective buyers know it. There are lots of ways to connect with seraphim angel collectors, like joining social media groups created for this community. Other venues for marketing your seraphim angel figurines include:

  • Listing them in social media groups for small businesses

  • Creating attractive displays in your store

  • Emailing your store’s contact list to let customers know when you have new angels in stock

  • Becoming involved in collectors’ forums

Other ways to sell seraphim angels include taking out vendor spots at vendor fairs and creating an e-commerce store. You can create an e-commerce store to supplement your brick-and-mortar shop, or you can solely operate your store online. Because of the religious connotations connected with angels, you can find potential buyers by marketing seraphim angels around the holidays and to the families of individuals reaching religious milestones.