How to Sell Seraphim Angels

Collectors of ceramic sculpture buy them for their beauty and for their future estimated value. Some collectors of seraphim angels also collect them for their religious significance. Roman Inc. created the Seraphim Classics line in 1994 during a revival of public interest in angels. The company has earned several awards for this line because of its delicate craftsmanship and celestial design. You can become an official retailer of seraphim angels and sell the figurines through your business or sell your collection privately. Seraphim angels have a large following among figurine collectors.

Become an Official Retailer of Roman, Inc. Products

Prove your eligibility. You must already have a legitimate business with tax resale ID to be eligible to sell Roman, Inc. products.

Provide references. Roman, Inc. requires a bank reference as well as six trade references.

Make a purchase. Your first purchase must be a minimum of $500. Thereafter, your yearly purchase must equal $300 or more with $100 for reorders.

Sell Your Collection

Determine the value of the figurines. Retired, antique and limited edition seraphim angels cost much more than those in circulation. Collector’s Information Bureau sells online price guides, which will give you an idea of the value of your seraphim angels (see link in Resources below).

Examine the ceramic sculptures for damages, such as chips in the body and discolorations. Any damage to the figurines will reduce their value.

Clean the statues. In Border Fine Arts Figurines, Marilyn Sweets advises wiping figurines with a damp cloth or washing gently in warm, soapy water. Do not use abrasive products because these can ruin the delicate features of the statues.

Take pictures of the seraphim angels. The pictures should show clear views of the front, back and sides. Take close ups of any damaged parts also so that the buyer is completely aware of the condition of the statue before making the purchase.

Sell the sculptures online. You can create an e-commerce website for your goods, sell the figurines on an auction site such as eBay or use classified sites such as Craigslist and Internet Collector’s Bazaar (see link in Resources below). You can also create interest in the sculptures by posting information about them on a forum or a blog.

Sell the figurines locally. Consider approaching figurine stores in your community, displaying your sculptures at an exhibition or renting a booth at a flea market.


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