The Swingline model 101 staple gun is a versatile staple gun that is ideal for use in the home, office, or workshop. It offers convenient features such as an easy-squeeze handle, a safety lock, and drop-in loading capability. The model 101 is discontinued, but due to it's steel construction, it is still in use by a wide range of people. Here you will learn how to load and unload the Swingline Model 101.

Things You Will Need
  • Swingline Model 101 Staple Gun

  • Swingline No. 101 light-duty staples

Hold the staple gun upright and look at the back of the gun. There is a small U-shaped piece of metal located near the bottom of the back of the staple gun.

Press the U-shaped piece of metal in, pull it slightly downward and pull the feed rod assembly out of the staple gun.

Insert the strip of staples, points facing downward, into the open chamber.

Return the feed rod assembly to the chamber and push it all the way in. Once it is completely in the stapler, push the feed rod assembly slightly upward to lock the feed rod assembly in place. You are now ready to use the staple gun.