Nearly every Avon representative wants to get more customers. Connecting with customers and recruiting new representatives are crucial to operating a successful Avon business or any other successful business in the network marketing world.

With the option to buy Avon online, representatives have more opportunities to connect with potential customers than ever before. Avon representatives can use social media to build their individual brands and support their in-person marketing efforts.

Network Face to Face

Traditionally, Avon representatives connected with new customers face to face. This happened in public settings and through Avon parties, intimate gatherings where a representative could demonstrate products and make sales amid socializing, snacks and party games.

In-person networking can also happen through organic interactions. An Avon representative can become involved with her community by doing volunteer work, joining a church or becoming involved with a fraternal organization like the Elks. By simply building a larger social network, an Avon representative can build a larger network of potential customers.

One valuable way for Avon representatives to build their networks is to become vendors at public events. Events like craft fairs, fundraisers and street festivals are all easy ways for an Avon representative to get her business card into thousands of new hands.

Encourage Your Network to Buy Avon Online

Another effective way for Avon representatives to get more customers is to take their business to social media. By creating Facebook groups and giving followers the option to buy Avon online, a representative can make products accessible to buyers outside the local community. On social media, the representative can also showcase new products and answer questions that customers ask.

Build a Brand and a Relationship With Clients

Building a successful business requires more than just getting more customers. Once customers are engaged with a business, the business owner has to maintain the relationship. People connect with brands that reflect their values. They stay loyal to brands that they feel uphold their values.

Avon representatives do not have to build their brands from scratch, but they should put effort into branding their individual businesses. Effectively branding an Avon business can help it stand out from the hundreds of other independent Avon businesses in the market. Avon’s overarching brand is:

  • Self-starting
  • Energetic
  • Entrepreneurship on the representative’s terms
  • Building a life as one’s own boss

An individual Avon representative can take this foundation and build her own brand that connects with her ideal customers. For example, an established Avon representative whose primary customer base is middle-aged women can focus on skin care and anti-aging products and brand herself as the solution to their skincare needs. Effective branding is all about leveraging the representative’s personality to connect with more customers and build stronger relationships with the customers she already has. A few strategies she can use to do branding-based marketing include:

  • Social media posts
  • An email newsletter
  • Themed Avon parties
  • Video product demonstrations

Cold Market to Prospective Customers

Avon representatives can also build their businesses by doing cold marketing. Cold marketing is a marketing strategy based on connecting with individuals with whom the business owner has no prior relationship. This can be done through postcards, flyers, emails and Avon catalogs left in places where potential customers will find them.

When cold marketing, it is important that the representative include a business card or other contact information so potential customers know whom to contact if they are interested in buying. A package of Avon samples and marketing materials left on a doorstep is a missed marketing opportunity for the representative who left it if it does not contain contact information.