How to Get More Avon Customers

It can be hard to get your name out there when you first start selling Avon, but some tried and true methods can help anyone grow their Avon business. The key is to broaden your sales attack -- relying on only one method of customer attraction, such as creating a website, won't work nearly as well as combining a web campaign with several other strategies, all aimed at getting your name and face in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Cover all of your bases. Different people like to shop in different ways. The first area to consider is door to door. I know this can seem scary, but it's a great way to get your name out and it allows people get to know their new Avon Lady. But don't be pushy! When someone answers, simply introduce yourself and say that you are an Avon Independent Sales Representative and you were stopping by today to hand out free Avon brochures. When they accept, smile and thank them for their time and say that you look forward to hearing from them. If no one answers, place your Avon book in a "what's new" bag and hang it on the door. Be sure to include a business card as well.

Appeal to online shoppers. Many customers prefer the ease and comfort of shopping online. Make sure you have an Avon eRepresentative website that they can order from. Put your Avon website on all of your business cards, brochures, car magnets, etc. Some people don't really care for having in person service and would rather shop when it's convenient for them without having to order by phone. So make sure you don't leave these customers out!

If you have leftover Avon books, leave them at your local library, senior center, doctor's offices or anywhere people will be sitting around waiting. You can also roll them up, secure them with a rubber band and toss them like newspapers. Of course, check with your city to be sure this is allowed where you live.

Plaster your name and contact info anywhere you can. Print fliers and pin them on bulletin boards at grocery stores, community centers and so forth to get more Avon customers. Leave a business card with your tip every time you dine out. Hand a brochure to everyone you come in contact with such as your nail technician, your hairdresser, cashiers at stores and fast food restaurants. Leave business cards with an Avon sample stapled to them on the vanity in ladies' rooms, dressing rooms, and other places women freshen up. Ask your husband or a male friend to leave business cards with Avon cologne attached in men's rooms as well. Put magnets on your car saying that you sell Avon. People will flag you down to get a book! Check the resources at the end of this article for some great promotional car magnets.

Send out introductory letters with business cards to friends, neighbors or other businesses. The envelopes and postage can add up, so don't go crazy. Another awesome (and free) mail marketing technique is to enclose an Avon flier/business card with every bill that you pay. When you get junk mail from another business with a postage paid reply envelope, stick your Avon flier/business card in it and mail it back to them! It's a free and easy way to gain Avon customers from all over the country.

Get involved in your community. The larger your social network is, the more potential Avon customers you'll know. Attend church, join a book club, go to all of your children's school activities, volunteer for a charity or community project. There are lots of ways to meet more people and increase your number of Avon customers at the same time. Having a larger social circle can really increase Avon sales.


  • Another great Avon sales tip is to wear an Avon button everywhere you go. It will encourage interested people to ask for a brochure. It's a great conversational piece and really helps to break the ice. You can have personalized Avon buttons, tote-bags, T-shirts and more made to order.



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