How to get a Poor Man's Patent

How to get a poor man's patent and also how to get a better patent for cheap. This depends on your budget.

First of all a poor man's patent is simply, just a postcard you send through the United Postal Service. Just print a copy of the product you designed on it. Address the postcard to your self. Once it comes back stamped by the postal service it is a "Poor Man's Patent. Risk is the design going out, and maybe not returning. But it is the cheapest way.

A better way to get a patent is to go to Download a picture of your product. Then make a calendar, T-shirt, coffee mug whatever they offer. You design what it is you want and printed on it copyrighted by your name and date. You pay for it. Then sends your design on the product you chose, this is a legitimate patent plus it is copyrighted and no one else can steal it. We spent $40.00 on ours. I am going back to school for Small Business Management. Then we will go public with our product.

It is fun and exciting that if it goes big with the economy, you can actually own your own business. Good luck in you adventures.


  • Money Product Computer Postcard for Poor Man's


  • Warning using the postcard method is risky

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