How to Apply for Grant to Pay Bills

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
If money for bills is short, you can apply for a grant.

Perhaps you are dealing with an unexpected emergency. Your engine needs replacing or your hours at work were cut and now you lack the money to pay your utility bill or you are behind on your rent due to a period of unemployment. Perhaps instead you are a nonprofit company needing financial assistance. In all these cases, you still have options. You can apply for free grant money from various sources to help you weather the crisis.

Go to the Modest Needs website (see Resources). If you are an individual, read the guidelines for qualification. If you are a nonprofit, go to the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section and read the guidelines for qualification. Register accordingly. Click “Submit.” Read the terms of use. Complete the personal information section. Information needed includes name, address and phone number. You also have to create a user name, provide an email address and a secret question. Upload any required documentation after completing the pre-screening process. Wait after your application becomes available for donor review.

Research other funding opportunities to help you pay bills. There are other companies, such as USA Grant Applications and Gov Benefits (see Resources).

Check with your local social services office. Ask about available grants to help pay bills.

Check with your church or other local churches. Some have programs set up to give you grants to help you pay your bills.

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