Your charity, school drama club, church or other organization is hosting an event. Maybe the event is a theater production, a fundraiser, school dance or special guest speaker. To make the event more official, verify payment for entry and provide a souvenir, you need event tickets. Most small organizations, however, cannot afford to have their tickets professionally designed and printed. Fortunately, there is a way to design your own event tickets.

Things You Will Need
  • Photo editing or graphic design program

  • Ticket template

  • Printer

  • Card stock

Step 1.

Determine pertinent information to include on the ticket. This information should include the event name, date, time and location. If attendees must sit in assigned seats, the ticket needs to list the seat for which it coordinates.

Step 2.

Design the ticket around the event details. Make sure the details are easy to read and in clear view for references. Avoid fonts that resemble hand-written texts and stick with a block letter font, such as Helvetica.

Step 3.

Choose your background design or image, using one that coordinates with the theme of the event or portrays what the event will entail. For example, for a theatrical presentation, include an image of theatrical masks, an sports action shot would be appropriate for a ball game or use a red carpet as a background image for an awards ceremony.

Step 4.

Utilize the back of the ticket to list other useful information, such as after parties or other upcoming events for the hosting organization, a list of event sponsors, coupons usable for a sponsor discount or tickets to the next calendar event or even special thanks to those who helped with the event.

Step 5.

Take advantage of an event ticket design template to emphasize uniformity. Templates are especially useful if your event requires numbered tickets (often used for door prizes and the like) or there is perforation applied during printing. Whatever template you use, follow the instructions provided for the best printing results.

Step 6.

Print sample tickets to make sure everything lines up accordingly and prints well. Double check the event information is easy to read and that the ticket is appealing to the eye. Use card stock so that the tickets remain sturdy and viable.


If you're printing the tickets yourself, consider laminating them to keep them from ripping. You can do this with laminate paper or a laminating machine.

If budget allows, utilize the services available from a ticket design and printing company. These businesses offer pre-designed themes where you can easily add event information and will print the results for you, saving you a lot of time.