How to Create a Company Line Card

by Gwen Wark; Updated September 26, 2017

A document which lists the name, description and manufacturer of goods provided by a company, a line card is useful for businesses marketing many items from different suppliers. As an outline, the organized nature of the information makes it easy for a prospective supplier or client to see what types of goods are offered as well as identifies the manufacturer. A line card may be a printed sheet, part of a brochure, on a website, or as a downloadable document.

Step 1

Obtain a comprehensive list of goods offered or marketed by the company.

Step 2

Determine the manufacturer of each item on the list.

Step 3

Decide how the list will be arranged. Traditionally, a line sheet may be grouped alphabetically or categorically. Arrange the data in the selected order.

Step 4

Decide what format you wish to make your line sheet available in. If you are using it as part of a website, it may be included on the website or as a downloadable document or brochure.

Step 5

Distribute your line card.


  • Using an Excel spreadsheet to organize your data can save time and make printing easier.

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