How to Start a Successful Home Based Cleaning Business

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A home-based cleaning business can be anything from cleaning a few houses in your neighborhood and asking for referrals to large enough to hire employees with a goal of cleaning throughout the city. Whether you plan to start small or build up your business quickly, getting it right at start-up is key to being successful in a home-based cleaning business.

Research the cleaning business market. Before starting a small business, among the facets of business you must research are the competition, potential clients, effective advertising methods, and business start-up needs and costs. Contact similar businesses in other communities; often a business owner will share insight if he knows you have no plan to compete. Also, send out surveys to potential clients to learn about what cleaning services are desired in your community.

Identify a niche market for your business. For example, during an economic downtown, a niche may exist for cleaning foreclosed home to prepare them to be sold. Contact the real estate agent or bank that will resell the home.

Investigate taxes and licensing for a home-based cleaning business. Two resources exist to find this information. Visit the Federation of Tax Administrators website to find information about state taxes. The site includes links for all 50 states' tax websites. Go to the Internal Revenue Service website for small business and the self-employed. Here, you can pply for an employer ID number, learn industry-specific information, and find online learning and educational material to assist you to start your cleaning small business.

Invest in cleaning supplies and equipment. Find commercial cleaning supplies and equipment at a website such as Commercial cleaning supplies may cost a little more, but these additional costs are incorporated into your bid for the job.

Buy bonding and liability insurance. If your cleaning business will have employees, getting bonded will protect your business from employee theft. Liability insurance will cover accidents occurred on the job.

Determine how much to charge for cleaning services based on your research. Some cleaning businesses charge an hourly rate. Others may charge a flat rate. Determine how long it will take you to finish a job and apply your hourly rate to the equation to make your bid.

Market your home-based cleaning business. While many avenues exist for marketing your business, such as media advertising and online classified ads, nothing is more effective than word of mouth. Do an outstanding job for a client and she will be happy to give you a referral to a neighbor or friend across town.


  • The U.S. Small Business Administration is a one-stop-resource for tools, services and resources to help you start your home-based business. Its website provides extensive information on how to plan your business, start a small business and how to manage your business.



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