Writing an event script is the first step toward advertising an upcoming special occasion. It is the starting point to getting the information to the public about your event. An event script can be read during a radio advertisement or even transformed into a print advertisement.

Event Script

Know your audience. Your event will focus on a specific audience, so your advertisement should as well. If you are advertising a rock concert, you don’t want to target elderly audiences.

Establish a "hook" in your script to grab the audience. The hook will bring your audience into the script and hold them while the important information is given. The hook can also be your slogan.

Give the event time, date and location early in the script. Repeat this information at the end so your audience will retain it in their heads.

Give specific details that will entice the audience to participate in your event. For example, if it is a family event, let your audience know strollers are welcome.

Include special information such as a celebrity MC being present or famous food and refreshments being served at the event.