How to Increase Clientele At Your Small Business

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
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Increasing clientele to your small business is a matter of combining excellent customer service with a customer-oriented outlook. At the same time, you must promote your business at every opportunity. With consistent effort in these areas, you will experience a definite uptick in customer traffic.

Step 1

Display a professional attitude always — even on your bad days — and treat people the way you want to be treated. Offering exceptional customer service will always bring repeat business via word of mouth.

Step 2

Create a few different special nights during the year and offer extra product sales. Offering an extra 10 or 20 percent discount displays customer goodwill. Other ideas could include A Full-Time Working People night, Super Bowl Girls Day Out night, open houses when seasons change and more. Determine your biggest product sales and slash prices on those items during these special nights. Get the word out when you offer special nights and sales and drive more traffic to your door.

Step 3

Give high-paying clients a few gifts. Offer free samples, pencils bearing your business name and logo, magnets, bookmarks, candles, sticky notepads or any other little items. You can often find such items at dollar stores and various websites devoted to promotions. Always have such items on hand for giveaways.

Step 4

Print your business logo on your shopping bags. You can do this various ways, whether making sticker labels on an easy-to-follow desktop publishing program or purchasing a stamper online that lists your business information. Savvy people will usually recycle bags; thus, your name will circulate for some time.

Step 5

Give coupons to new clients always. These are easy to print yourself, which will bring repeat business.

Step 6

Follow up high-paying transactions with a thank-you note. This displays a sense of appreciation to your client and also easily promotes your business. Make sure to compile a list of names and addresses for these exceptional clients. You could also get a signature book to have your clients sign that offers room to list any suggestions to improve your business.

Step 7

Get a website, if you don't already have one. The Internet is filled with traffic trying to find you and is a great source to find local businesses. Make sure to update and claim your business on, Google, Yahoo and other sites. List as much information as you can for free on these sites. Pay a little bit and move your business listing to the top on search engines.


  • Always provide excellent customer service. Talk about your business and promote it on community bulletin boards, leaving your business card.

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