How to Make a Business Flyer for Free

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

Acquiring a professional business flyer no longer requires you to pay a graphic designer and publisher. Anyone with a home computer and a color printer can a create business flyer. Depending on how many copies of the flyer you need, however, a home printer may not be able to handle the volume. If a few dozen flyers will suffice, all the work may be completed at home.

Step 1

Brainstorm the design. Craft the message you want to distribute.

Step 2

Sketch a mock flyer. Make this rough business flyer as complex and detailed as you wish. The more complete your rough draft, the easier and faster it will be when you start to create the business flyer.

Step 3

Obtain all pictures, graphics and business logos that you need to produce the flyer.

Step 4

Open a new Office Word document (included with all Windows operating systems) or a new Pages document (if you're using a Mac) and execute your design.

Step 5

Click "File" and "Print" to publish the business flyer. Choose the best printer setting for the most professional-looking business flyer. Post the flyer anywhere you want to promote your business.