How to Make Money Selling Avon

Avon is a time-proven direct sales company. They claim many representatives and have a diverse, quality product line. If you are already a representative or considering becoming one you must have the ability to set goals for yourself, promote the products and be assertive. It is possible to be successful with this direct sales business, but you have to put the effort into it. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of your Avon business.

Set goals. Create a detailed plan on how many new customers you will contact each month, how much income you will generate each month and how many customer follow-ups you will make each month. Keep these goals in front of you at all times. Review them daily and work to exceed them. For example: You want to bring in 10 new customers this month, make $500 and follow-up with 30 previous customers. Review this goal each day and ask yourself what you can do to meet the goal. Then work on moving toward the goal and increasing it each month.

Get your name out. Let people you know in on your business and speak to them about the products. Ask for referrals if they know someone who enjoys Avon products. Be on the look-out for new opportunities everywhere you go. Pass out flyers and business cards. Ask people if you can get their information to set up consultations. Promoting your business continuously is the only way you will be able to make money. For example: You go to a PTA meeting each week. While there you strike up a conversation with a new Mom and mention that you sell Avon products. She seems interested so you provide more information. You give her a business card and catalog. The next day she calls you with an order for herself and tells you that she passed your catalog around her office and will have more orders for you in the next few days. You have now made a new primary contact and several secondary ones. You can visit her office regularly to drop off orders and new catalogs.

Be creative. Spend some time each day thinking of ways to creatively pitch the products. Create specials, incentives, baskets, theme events...any kind of unique idea that will set you apart from your competition. An example would be to create a basket of lotions in May to promote for a Mother's Day gift. Draw up a flyer that you can e-mail or snail mail to previous customers. Another idea is a birthday promotion where you give previous customers a coupon each year on their birthday along with a personalized note inside your latest catalog.

Build on your advantages. One of the advantages of being an Avon representative is that you have one-on-one contact with your customer. When a customer goes to a retail store to buy a product, they aren't able to try it first, ask questions, or make comments. Play on the fact that you are there for the customer and that you care about them. Follow-up with all new customers after they make a purchase. Plan a special lunch or sale for your best customers. Customer service is key to becoming successful in this direct sales business. Example: You have a customer that buys the same lipstick from you quarterly. That product is going on special this month. You call or email the customer to let her know about the special. This let's her know you care about her and she trusts you and wants to continue to do business with you.

Network with others. If you know other women who are Avon representatives, or any other kind of direct sales representative, talk to them about their business. Be open and honest and willing to share ideas and tips. If you can build a group of people who all want to succeed, meet on a regular basis. Discuss strategies, goals and plans. It will benefit everyone involved!

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