How to Make a Flier for Lawn Mowing

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Passing out an attractively designed flier gives you a cost-effective tool for letting homeowners and small businesses know you provide lawn-mowing services. Fliers can range from just a few key pieces of information to a couple of columns of text. No matter what style you choose, provide enough information so recipients realize the advantage you provide by taking care of their lawn, prompting them to give you a call. Before you print and hand out your newly designed flier, proofread it and ask someone else to give it a thorough reading to make sure it looks professional.

Get Started

Almost any design software program works for making a flier, including Microsoft Word, which offers access to flier templates in which you replace the images and text with your own related to lawn mowing. Set up your flier with no columns or choose two columns to break up the information in easy-to-read segments. At the top of the page or in the right column, ask a question in a font of 16 points or larger. For instance: “Can’t keep up with the grass?” or “Want more time with your family?” Such a headline suggests how your services make your customers’ lives easier.

List Services and Qualifications

Follow the headline with a list of the lawn-mowing services you provide, such as “Weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing.” List the additional services you provide below that, such as blowing sidewalks clear of grass clippings or trimming hedges. Follow the list of services with a sentence or two explaining your qualifications. Mention the years of experience you have mowing lawns. If you’re young, explain what the money will go for, such as your college fund or your first car.

Add Name and Contact Information

Toward the bottom of the page or the right column, add the name of your business or your own name. Immediately below your name, add your contact information. Include your phone number and email address. If you have a website set up for your lawn-mowing business, include the link.

Insert Other Copy

Include one or two short testimonials if you’ve already provided mowing services to some happy customers. If you design a two-column flier, put the testimonials in the narrower column, usually on the left side of the page. Include the names of the people who provided the testimonial once you obtain their permission, as this builds credibility and shows your qualifications. Persuade customers to call right away by adding a line that says, “Call Today for a Free Quote” or “Call by May 1st for Our Special Cut Rate.”

Use Imagery

Add an image or two to your flier, such as a picture of a beautifully mown lawn or a messy looking one that needs mowing. Using people in your images also helps draw attention, such as showing someone mowing the lawn or a family playing on their beautifully mown yard. Best yet, use a photo of yourself mowing a yard to give the flier more authenticity.