An intercom is a system that allows individuals to communicate with a mass group or individuals located in a different place. The most common uses for intercoms are grocery stores when announcements are made aloud. Another use for an intercom can be at a secured commercial building where you have to speak through an intercom to another individual in order to gain access to the building.

Stick to the Point

An intercom is meant for a quick announcement or request. When making an intercom announcement keep the information brief and to the point. Do not state personal stories, add fluff words or inject personal comments.


An intercom can be heard by everyone in its presence, but also can pick up everything in your presence as you speak into it. Ensure that there is no background noise present when making an intercom announcement. Background noise can be distracting and also muffle your voice, making your message unclear. Ensure that there are no conversations going on around you that can be picked up, especially those conversations that should not be broadcast over an intercom system.

Be Polite

When making announcements, always remember that it is a public airspace. That means people walking by or others near the intercom can hear everything you say. Do not make announcements with an angry or annoyed tone. When requesting an individual to contact you over the intercom be polite. If possible end your messages with a polite comment such as “Thank You.”

Be Professional

Intercoms, especially those used in public areas like grocery stores, are heard by a mass amount of customers. Be professional in the way you speak. Do not laugh, sigh or show any negative emotions in your announcement. Call employees by their employee number or last name if possible. Do not use slang or curse words over your announcement and ensure that your message cannot be misconstrued or found offensive. Do not cough, sneeze or belch during your announcements.