If you want to be a successful salesperson, it is essential to observe proper etiquette at all times. The way other people perceive you as a professional can have an enormous impact on whether or not they choose to do business with you. Don’t miss out on opportunities to make sales and form relationships with long-term customers and referral sources because of etiquette issues.

Be Honest

Avoid any kind of dishonesty. For example, be honest about your purpose when placing a sales call. If you say something deceptive to get your phone call put through to the person you want to speak with, he will likely hear about what you did and form a negative impression that you will never overcome. Further, do not act as if you are gathering market research if you are really making a sales call, and do not claim to have been referred by someone who knows the prospect if it is not true.

Respect Others’ Time

You have to be respectful of other people’s time to succeed in sales. If you ask a prospect to set aside 10 minutes to meet with you, keep yourself on a 10-minute clock. If not, you will probably to find yourself unable to get an appointment with that person, as well as others at the same company, ever again.

Express Sincere Interest

Show genuine interest in potential customers rather than immediately launching into a standard sales presentation. Ask what their needs are and really listen. You can use the information to pitch your products or services in a meaningful manner that increases the likelihood the person will buy.

Focus Fully

When you have an opportunity to meet with a potential customer, be fully engaged in the conversation. Do not allow yourself to become distracted by other matters, and, whatever you do, do not touch your cell phone during the meeting. Set the device to silent so there are no distracting noises and keep it in your pocket, purse or briefcase.

Be Nice to Everyone

When calling on a potential customer or existing client, it is essential to treat everyone you meet in a professional, positive and kind manner. If, for example, you come across as a salesperson who is rude or dismissive to administrative employees, the office workers will probably make negative comments about you to their supervisors, something that can keep decision-makers from choosing to do business with you.

Professional Appearance

When making sales calls, dress in a manner that is appropriate for the location where you will be meeting with prospective customers. If you are going into someone’s home or into an office that you are not familiar with, choose professional attire that is conservative so you can be sure that your appearance will make a positive impression. Avoid wearing business casual clothes unless you are certain they are appropriate for the environment, and never wear anything that is too casual, overly revealing or flashy.