How to Make a Catering Pamphlet

Having a professional looking catering pamphlet is an important part of your business advertising materials. In order to obtain customers, you will need to advertise. Pamphlets are easily left at high traffic locations, allowing customers to take home your information and peruse your options without distractions. Learn how to make a catering pamphlet that showcases your skills in the food service industry.

The Cover of the Catering Pamphlet

Using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, open a blank page in regular letter size. Go to File > Page Setup and set the page orientation to Landscape, click "OK." Then divide the page into 2 columns by going to Format > Columns.

Create Column #1: The first column will actually serve as the back page of your catering pamphlet. On this page you should tell “About [Your Business Name].” Include information such as how much experience you have as well as any educational background and specialties.

Create Column #2: Column 2 is the front page of your catering pamphlet. This page should include your business name in bold at the top, below that should be a photo of an entrée you have created, then your logo and at the bottom place your contact information in small regular font.

The Inside of the Catering Pamphlet

Create Column #1: When opening the pamphlet, column one will serve as the left page. List your menu options and theme party choices here. If there isn’t room to include a full list of menu choices, consider listing your most popular options.

Create Column #2: Use this column to explain pricing. You do not necessarily have to use exact prices. For example, if you charge by the plate, say “Prices are charged per person, please contact [Your Business Name] for exact pricing.”

Use a professional printing service such as Staples Copy & Print Center. Visit their website and easily upload your design. Your catering pamphlet will be printed and shipped directly to you or made available for pick up at your local store.

In order to print your own catering pamphlet, you will need to print page one first and then flip the paper over according to your printer manufacturer's instructions, then print page two on the back of page one.