How to Make Invitations on the Computer

If you have a PC with Microsoft Office, you can make dozens of invitations for free using templates. Simply choose an invitation template that is close in design to what you are looking for, make alterations to the color and type face, replace the verbiage on the template with your own information and you're done. Even if you do not have Microsoft Office Publisher, you can still make virtually any type of invitation you want for free by using online templates.

Open Microsoft Publisher and click on "Invitations" on the left edge of your screen. If you don't have Publisher, see the Resources box below for free online invitation template websites.

Scroll through the templates that open in the middle of your screen until you find one that is close to the design that you are looking for.

Use the customizing tools on the right side of your screen to alter the colors and the type style. Italic lettering is often used for formal invitations, whereas a block lettering style (such as Ariel) is more appropriate for a casual get-together. A style such as Comic Sans may be more appropriate for a child's birthday invitation. It is usually best not to mix type styles.

Click on the word "Create" in the lower right of your screen when your invitation has been properly customized.

Delete the placeholder words on the template and replace with your information. Include the reason for the invitation, the place, the date and the time of your get-together. Other important information such as formal or informal attire, whether or not gifts are appropriate and if guests are expected to bring anything should also be included.

Buy appropriate paper stock. Paper stock can be white or colored. If colored, make sure that the color is appropriate with the font colors you chose when you customized your invitation. Use a heavy card stock or vellum, linen or heavy cotton paper stock to make your invitation more special.


  • Choose a nice grade and color of paper on which to print your invitation.


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