How to Work at Home With Avon

The Avon company offers its sales representatives a variety of methods to make money selling Avon products from the comfort of home. With Avon, a representative engages in direct selling. You direct sell Avon's make-up, fragrances and beauty products to friends, family, co-workers and casual acquaintances. You can also attempt to sell strangers on Avon products through door-to-door or flea market sales, or through eRepresentative websites hosted and provided by Avon. Even when you venture outside of your home to recruit new customers, your Avon business remains home-based.

Sign up to sell Avon. The Avon website offers to put you in contact with a local representative who can get you started with the company, or you can contact a local Avon seller you already know and sign up.

Draft an outline containing potential customers. Outline marketing plans you have for selling Avon to these customers while you wait for your initial selling kit to arrive.

Sign up for an Avon eRepresentative website. These sites are hosted by Avon for a monthly fee, and allow you to sell Avon to customers outside of your immediate area. A personally branded Avon website also provides you with an additional method of selling to your established customers.

Hand out catalogs for the latest Avon campaign to your potential customers. Focus on friends and family members who already routinely buy make-up, beauty and skincare products.

Follow up with the people you provide catalogs to with a telephone call or email. Reference particular clearance items within the catalog, or focus on products you know your potential client routinely buys. When you follow up via email, include a link to your Avon website and direct links to particular products mentioned.

Maintain a direct mail list and an email list of past customers. Send new Avon catalogs or email updates to these customers every few months to inspire repeat sales. Ensure that you promptly remove a customer from your mailing lists upon request.

Rent a booth at local art fairs or flea markets to show off Avon products, hand out catalogs, take orders and distribute business cards featuring your name, phone number and Avon website address. Many times the benefit of renting a space at a market is present in direct sales not during the actual event, but in the increased name recognition and exposure you will enjoy as an Avon representative in your town.

Encourage your regular customers and interested parties to sign up to sell Avon. Avon pays you a bonus for each new representative you recruit.