How to Make the Most Money with Fundraising Events

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

Whether you belong to a nonprofit club or you're raising money for the school band trip, there are tricks you should know to boost your profits. With a good fundraising event, you can make money quickly without too much effort.

Step 1

Evaluate the appropriateness of the fundraiser. If children will be making the money, opt for easy-to-sell items with a limited range of prices. In many communities, sending a child door-to-door creates a risk for the child.

Step 2

Generate outside interest. This is imperative when raising money. Your club would not need a fundraiser if it could totally support itself, but one of the most common errors new fundraisers make is not attracting outside interest. A new soccer team, for example, might host a community fashion show, using local fashion retailers and hair stylists to draw a bigger supporting crowd.

Step 3

Get everyone involved. It's tough to encourage participation, so don't ask for it, require it. Have a sign-up sheet and make sure every member knows they must contribute to the fundraiser in some way. Offer an opt-out payment for those who would rather donate.

Step 4

Increase fundraising dollars by including prizes donated by local retailers in exchange for advertising. This is a win-win for you and for them. Publicize the chance to win prizes to draw in people who would normally not donate and you make more money.

Step 5

Report your success and ask the local newspaper to run a photo and story about the results of your fundraising event. Your club will want to host future fundraising events and these stories provide free publicity.

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