How to Build Your Own Website for Free

Building your own website used to be scary and intimidating. Now this once-challenging activity has been made easy with the advent of new technologies including the various website builders that are circulating the Internet. Follow the steps in this article to help make your website look professional with minimal effort.

Figure out what kind of website you want to design. Is it going to be informational, sales, blog-oriented or something else? Once you have a general concept of what you want to do, building your website will be much less daunting.

Find the online web-builder that you want to use. If you don't have a company in mind, just use Google and type in "Free Website Builder." You will get plenty of options with just one quick search. There are a few sites that are recommended repeatedly on the Internet including:, and Moonfruit and Freewebs require no HTML computer language knowledge, and Anglefire is designed for those with minimal HTML knowledge.

Begin your website. When you start the website builder you will have options for various formats, colors and themes. You can typically choose one of the pre-set themes or make and modify your own. Just remember to keep your colors and photos consistent with the theme that you choose

Add website content. You can find royalty-free photos from various stock photo Internet sites, such as, and content that you can link to as long as you request permission from the website. Remember, If you use the wording of another website and do not cite or ask for permission, you may be guilty of copyright infringement, so always make sure to request to use information before you post it on your own site. But, a better method would be to do your own research and post information that is entirely original.

Maintain your website. Make sure to constantly check for errors, misstated information or outdated information. If your site was created in 2005, make sure your Copyright states "2005-2008," or whatever the current year is, or if you are listing the fairs in the state of California, make sure to change the dates as you receive a list of the next year's dates. Updating your information will keep your site fresh and valid, which will drive more traffic and increase your chance of earnings.

Advertising and earning money. Any web designer can generate revenue from a website, even if the site is not designed for the purpose of sales. Companies, such as Google's Adsense, offer free advertising, and as people click on ads you earn money. It is free to sign up with Adsense, and will generate you revenue as long as your website is visible and viewed by others.


  • Make sure your site has valid content. Have others view your layout to critique it for color scheme, readability and flow. If you are trying to get your site viewed more frequently, hire a Search Engine Optimizer, SEO, to help place relevant keywords and tags on your site. Advertise via word of mouth, in print, as well as online advertising -- don't just use one type of media to promote your site.



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