How to Buy Hair Salon Furniture

How to Buy Hair Salon Furniture. Opening a hair salon is a dream come true for some stylists. It's important that every detail is correct when starting a new business, or even redesigning your old one. That's why you want to have salon furniture that fits your practical needs and suits your style.

Buy a hair salon styling chair. This can include features like cushioned headrests or hydraulic lifts, and can be used for both shampooing and cutting hair. Some chairs can accommodate booster seats, which helps if you plan to service kids.

Pick a shampoo bowl to add to your salon furniture. Most shampoo bowls include a cushion for customer necks and a strainer over the drain to reduce clogs. Waterproof or washable padding helps guard against stains from shampoos and dyes, while portable shampoo bowls are adjustable, and you can easily move them if you need to.

Choose salon stations for your hair stylists. Each piece of station furniture should be able to pivot and roll, and you'll want models with removable trays for easy access and cleaning. Look for those with exterior compartments, which can hold tools and accessories.

Find a reception desk. This is where customers will sign in and pay for their services. You want it to be big enough to hold a computer, phone, register and appointment book. Since it's also one of the first things people see when they walk in, make sure it looks organized.

Purchase salon mats to line the floor beneath your chairs. These come in all sorts of materials, from marble to vinyl, and guard against hair and shoe prints. Look for anti-fatigue materials with a manufacturer guarantee to keep your furniture like new.


  • Always know your salon chair's maximum load before allowing patrons onto the chairs. Some chairs support up to 400 lb., while others support less.

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