How to Move Shipping Containers

People often use shipping containers because they are convenient. The company renting these units normally drops them off at a residential or business location. You can then pack all your belongings at your convenience. When you finish packing, the rental company will pick up the unit and transport it to its destination.

Tow it with a truck. You’ll need to position some rollers (approximately 4 or 5) under the container. Make these rollers from fenceposts or telephone poles cut to the width of the container, and position them about 7 feet apart.

Drive the truck about 7 feet. Take the last pole you placed under the back part of the container, and position it in the front. Drive the truck another 7 feet, and repeat the same procedure until you get it to the desired location. This procedure works only for short distances.

Pull the container with a truck without using rollers if you just want to move it a few feet.

Use jacks to lift the shipping container, and center it on a flatbed trailer. Secure it with straps that go over the container’s top. Additionally, secure a tow cable to the trailer, as well as to the hitch on the truck. Drive the truck in low gear.

Rent a forklift to move the shipping container. Heavy equipment companies normally rent the equipment on an hourly basis. Although you’ll need to pay, it’ll eliminate hours of frustration.

Consider hiring a side loader service if you need to move a loaded container. Their hydraulic trailer lifts the shipping container and positions it on their trailer.


  • Exercise caution if you jack up the container, as it can tip over and cause damage.