In the United States event sponsorship is a billion dollar business. Let’s face it, what better billboard than a beautiful girl. You too can benefit of having advertisers wanting to associate with your beauty pageant business. Read on to learn how to get sponsors for a beauty pageant.

Things You Will Need
  • Pen and paper

  • Address or phone book

Make a list of all the people you know or business that you frequently visit in order to approach them for sponsorships. A sponsor is any person or business that provides scholarships, services or products to your beauty pageant business in exchange for advertising.

Make a list of services or products you might need for your pageant, for example flowers, trophies, and others. Out of your list of prospects, think which individuals or business can provide you with the items you need for your pageant. If you run out of contacts think of business in your community who provide such products or services.

Establish a budget. If you still need money to cover additional pageant expenses aside from the products and services you will receive from your prospective sponsors, you can ask for monetary donations from other sponsors who are still on your prospect list.

Approach your prospective sponsors in person or in writing by introducing yourself and your involvement with the pageant. Be prepared to discuss what kind of sponsorship you would like from businesses and what you will include in return for a sponsorship. You can include your sponsors name in all of your event’s promotions.

Have as many sponsors as you need. However, do not have more than one sponsor in a particular area. Some businesses compete with each other, so you do not want two or more competing business as your sponsors at the same time.

Do your best to keep your sponsor’s company at the top. Your sponsors should receive what you promise them. You want to create a solid reputation for your pageant business in order to line up more sponsors for the following year.


Seek sponsors in advance. All business need time to plan their budgets. Approaching sponsors in person is more likely to produce better results, than approaching them through a phone call or in writing. Be persistent. For every "No" you receive, a "Yes" is around the corner.