How to Calculate Start up Costs for a pet Grooming Business. In today's society, many pet owners are too busy to groom their pets, so they take them to a professional pet groomer. If you are an animal lover, then being a pet groomer might be a good career choice for you. Before you make this decision, you should calculate the start up costs required for a pet grooming business.

Step 1.

Decide whether you would like to hold your business in your own building or inside of your home. Calculate the costs to purchase or build a new building if this is the route you choose. You also need to find out how much it will cost to turn on utilities and get a telephone line.

Step 2.

Allow for all business start up fees, such as a business license. Contact authorities at your city offices and state licensing board to ask what they require for you to start a new business. In addition to these fees, get quotes on business and liability insurance.

Step 3.

Contact contractors who can install any plumbing and electrical outlets that you need for the washtubs and dryers. Get at least two different bids before you choose one.

Step 4.

Calculate advertising costs. You will probably want to advertise in your local newspaper, obtain a listing in your phone book and buy a sign to hang on the front of the building, at the very least.

Step 5.

Determine what supplies you will need for your business. These include, but are not limited to pet tubs, cages, accessories, grooming tools, tables and dryers. You can look on different distributor's websites to find out what all of these supplies will cost.


Once you have figured your start up costs, add at least 10 percent to include unexpected expenses.