How to Start a Body Wrap Business

How to Start a Body Wrap Business. One of the hottest trends at the salons today is a total body wrap. Wraps can be used as a cleansing ritual, weight loss aid or skin enhancer. Now would be the perfect time to jump into business with a body wrap business of one's own. Follow the tips below to start making money with body wraps.

Research the reasons people get a body wrap. Some people get wraps as a slenderizing treatment, an anti-aging treatment, body lift treatment or a general body tightening treatment.

Decide on the type of wrap ingredients to offer to patrons. Some options are sea clay mud, mineral solutions, aloe vera or seaweed. A detox and cleansing wrap would be aloe vera-based, while a tightening wrap would contain sea clay or seaweed.

Locate a distributor who will sell body wrap supplies wholesale. With a little research and comparison shopping on the Internet, one should be able to locate a supplier that will supply exactly what is needed for the body wrap business.

Calculate the number of wraps the business would need to perform to make a profit. A bulk package for supplies to complete 40 wraps will cost around $400. The business can charge at least $75 per wrap. So far that means 40 wraps at $75 each will bring $3000 into the business, while the supplies only cost $400. The remaining profit is $2600.

Factor in hiring a technician to apply the wrap, if business starts to take off. A license is not required, basically reading a book or viewing a video is the only training necessary. A very generous business owner could pay the technician $25 per wrap, bringing the technician's fee for 40 wraps up to $1000. That will still leave the business a profit of $1600.

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