How to Name a Sports Bar

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Although your bar's name is only the first step of creating a sports theme, you need to give it serious thought. According to the firm Coin Branding, your sports bar's name should tell potential customers that you are a place they can come to cheer their favorite team or player or catch the big game.

Inspired by Sports

Phrases or words that describe plays, players, sports gear and types of venues abound and can inspire a name. Consider tailoring your moniker to a popular sport in your town or area. For example, if auto racing ranks high in followers, you might use something such as "pit road" or "turn four." To draw upon customers' passion for football, you might include "touchdown," "50 yard-line" or "gridiron" as part of the name. If you forego sports lingo, at least put "sports" in the bar's name.

Legal Traps

Don't let your creativity or fan allegiance earn you penalties for trademark or copyright violations. Avoid the names of sports teams, leagues, conferences and characters from sports-themed movies. Popular brands for the National Football League's championship game and the National Collegiate Athletics Association's basketball tournament are trademarked and off-limits as sports bar names. Go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( online search tool for trademarked names.



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