How to Get a Peddler's License

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

How to Get a Peddler's License. So you have a skill and you want to take it to the streets. You plan to sell your wares down the block from the hot dog vendor, near the caricature artist. Before you stake a place for your street sales business, you must get a peddler's license. It is a permit to do business on the street. Follow these instructions to obtain your license.

Items you will need

  • Your photo driver's license or passport
  • Business name
  • Product information
  • Location
Step 1

Find out where the peddler's licenses are issued. For some areas, you many be able to apply online. For most, however, you must go to the agency that issues that permit. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or your state's license bureau for more information.

Step 2

Gather together the items you might need. Every agency will ask for the same basic items. When contacting them, be sure to ask about the things that you will need to get your license. You don't want to get there and find that you're missing a document or two.

Step 3

Fill out the application completely. You don't want to be turned down for the peddler's license because of an incomplete application. Review it before turning in, to catch mistakes and omissions.

Step 4

Wait for the permit before taking your business to the street. Do not start selling your product before receiving the license. You may be asked to produce proof of permit; if you don't have it then you are risking a hefty fine or worse.


  • A peddler's license is needed for street vendors of any kind. Street performers may also need this or a similar permit.

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