How to Improve Business Development

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How to Improve Business Development. Business development is vital to keep your enterprise going. Whether it's part of your job, or you're an entrepreneur, every professional should know a little about improving the growth of their business. Here are a few tips to help you.

Attend a high-profile event. It's always good to get noticed. So attend a charity happening; you'll help out and showcase your place in the community and industry as a caring professional.

Network. Another event you can attend is your local chamber of commerce meeting. It's a great way to connect with others and get new business. Take it a step further and get online to network--sites like LinkedIn are a wonderful resource to connect with colleagues and prospects.

Revise your marketing materials. While you may not want to go out and recruit new customers, you can always ensure that your collateral gets the job. If your business is already established, it's good to refine your image and approach. But if you're a new entrepreneur starting out, you will have to take some time to recruit clients. In that case, establish marketing materials and garner clients via advertising, marketing and public relations techniques.

Sharpen your physical image. Don't have a logo or slogan? Get one. And if you've got one, reevaluate if it's really working for you. Other ways to tighten up your image are to make sure all your collateral and business cards reflect your logo and color scheme.


  • Business Development varies depending on where you are in your business. If you have a good client flow, polish your image. If you're just getting established, use marketing and public relations tools to acquire clients.