There are several personality types of people in an organization that can dictate the behavior of individuals. By figuring out how these personality types fit into the culture of the organization, people can gain insight into how well the individuals themselves may fit into the organizational structure. If there is a high level of dissimilarity among the personalities of the employees and the culture of the organization, communication, cooperation and working relationships can suffer to the detriment of the organization as a whole.

Extrovert Personality

The extrovert is a friendly person who is quick to establish relationships with others. Extroverts are gregarious and display a high level of social engagement. They enjoy being with people and like to be in the company of large groups. Extroverts are active and tend to get involved in many activities. At the opposite end of the spectrum, people with low levels of extroversion feel a greater desire for privacy, avoid large group situations and generally live a more leisurely life.

Agreeable Personality

The agreeable person can cooperate well with other people by putting aside personal needs while getting along with peers. These people trust others and rely on their integrity, character and abilities. Often the agreeable personality feels the need to help other people, and can derive fulfillment by offering support.

Conscientious Personality

Conscientious people exude confidence and feel capable of accomplishing goals. They may be overachievers who want to be viewed as successful.

Cautious Personality

Cautious people will look at problems from every angle before acting or making a decision, while those who are not cautious often act or speak before they think things through.

Self-Conscious Personality

Self-conscious people are highly sensitive to what others think and say about them. They dislike criticism and are sensitive to rejection, while those who are not all that self-conscious are not bothered by being judged by other people.

Adventurous Personality

People with an adventurous personality seek out new experiences and dislike routine. They may be unafraid to challenge authority and conventions, while those who are less adventurous may have traditional values and prefer security over adventurousness. Those with an adventurous personality enjoy having power and may be more amenable to taking risks.