With all of the personality tests that are available now and days, I have found that there is one analysis that is really easy to understand.

You will notice with the system, that it is all broke down into four specific and distinct qualities.

In this discussion, we will go over these qualities. We will also show you how this can help you with business partner prospecting as well as prospecting potential clients.

S= Stability

If you are a type "S" personality, you may consider rules, duty, tradition, belonging, responsibilty and credentials to be a big part of what is paramount to you, just to name a few.

You tend to look for these qualities in a leader as well. Things have to be on time, on task and well organized. You have great planning skills, you are very conservative and you pride yourself in making people's life easier.

You have high expectations of others, when it comes to doing tasks. Since you are a go getter and follow every rule, you expect others to do the same. When someone can prove to you that they have an authoritive role, that is when and only when you trust them.

You are considered to be someone that sees the world in black and white. You take the past and apply it to your now and future. You believe in core values and have no time for disobedient people.

If this is not you and you are wanting to prospect someone with a "S" personality, then you will want to highlight factuals, certainty, specifics, organization, commitments and meeting deadlines, plans, ownership and cooperation. When these are important to you, you may be able to converse with a "S" personality type person.

Be careful when you have this personality type and you are prospecting others. Remember to not be too cautious and don't over work yourself. Also, you may not give enough feedback or not enough focus on other's needs.

Remember that sometimes you need to have patience with others, who don't share the same "git-er-done" work mentality that you have. Have a more open mind to changes and take more risks. Listen to other points of views and although you care about others, you may need to show it a little more.

T= Theory

What is important to the "T" personality may include knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge. You are most likely a computer junkie. Your computer is probably worht more then your car. You can care less what you are wearing and you are very logical.

You love to create and are intelligent. Understanding, progress and accuracy are very important to you. Abstract and strategic thinking are extremely important to you.

Your speech is concise and professional. Willpower is a top 10 word. You love to use models and diagrams and love science. You tend to stay away from small talk and chit chat. You like "thick" quality talk.

Say you are up against a potential prospect that is a "T" type. This is definitely a big uh oh for me. I would have a hard time keeping them interested in what I have to say, unless of course I focus on logic, making points and letting you know that I am sorry to have you repeat something you already said.

Talk about solving problems and allow your prospect to suggest ways to implement their ideas. Do not get emotional and stay consistent with your logical intentions, because they will get bored and have no interest in your offer, etc.

Remember that if you are a "T" type personality and you are training or even prospecting, that you should be patient and communicate a little more. Some even see you as over critical or even cold in demeaner.

Try to praise your team more and recognize feelings. When you are building a team, there are ways that you have to recognize others who have accomplished something. This is a great leadership quality. Also, since you are a knowledge magnet and you love to learn, you should consider getting a team that will occasionally bring you back to "the happenings".

A= Action

Oh and you thought that I was going to say ADHD. Not quite, but one who has an "A" personality is one who just wants something to do, constantly. They are spontanious, passionate, excited and variety. They love freedom and beauty. Opportunities are something that they value as well, so when prospecting for a business partner, remember to look for "A" personalities.

An "A" loves story-telling, performing, having fun and entertaining. They are also competitors, as well. A lot of the professional athletes are "A" type personalities.

You are a risk taker. You love beauty and are always drawn to beautiful people and things. Consider yourself optimistic as well as a natural born entrepeneur. Hands-on learning is your game. You are a "show-me" type. Not into abstact thinking, like "whatever" lol.

However, if you find someone who is an "A" type and you are not, you are in for a big treat. They are enthusiastic and ready to get their feet wet. Mention a new opportunity, the bottom line and what to do to achieve it, they are all for it.

An "A" personality is bored easily and always in a hurry, but graceful. They love risk taking so that they can accomplish what they need to get done. A's love to be heard and seen, so if awards, competition and personality is involved, they are all for it. They love to laugh and joke, as well.

Remember that when you are prospecting potential business partners or/and client, that you may need to take it slow because you can get in over yourself. Sometimes you need a little organization and to breathe a little bit. Sometimes "A"'s make commitments that they cannot keep, so keeping appointments is definitely a must. Remember that sometimes there is no quick fix and certain things take time. Listen, listen and listen to others, know-it-all lol.

R= Relationship

If you love people, ethics, morality, authenticity and involvement, then you can consider yourself a "R" personality. You are very empathetic, inspiring and encouraging. You can also be very romantic and have a strong belief in harmony and personal growth.

R's have good communication skills, people skills and make great mentors as well as counselors. You are appreciative in more ways then one and you show it. You love others and are always seeking deeper meaning in everything that you do, including your business and how you can gain materially. Helping others is more important then making money. Making money is like the icing on the cake.

You do not get along with fake people and you can spot them a mile away. You need to be around others and you are very social. You tend to put yourself in other's shoes and see things their way. You are always looking out for the best interest in everyone else. You make a perfect confidant, you are enthusiastic and intense.

You will make a perfect recruiter, motivational speaker and trainer in a business. When it comes to making a "R" personality want what you have to offer, you may consider new ideas, helping others, bringing out the best in others and the benefit it will have on people.

Another thing that will sell to a "R" empowering and sharing rapport. Remember that they are good at reading between the lines, to sharing the true meaning will get their attention. Will this impact the lives of many? Tell a "R" how good they are doing before slamming the constructive critism. They tend to be sensitive. Use metaphors when you explain concepts and ideas. Compassion is key. Helping others is the only way. The money is the icing on the cake.

If you are a "R" and you want to prospect remember that sometimes things are really bad. Be prepared for failure sometimes, because it may overwhelm you. Try not to get too personal in conflicts, especailly those that are not your own.

Know the goal, even though you are a people person and you are all about relationships. You love turning fantasy into reality and dreams into actions. Try not to get too caught up and emotional about things. Take care of yourself before you can take care of anybody or anything (tasks, projects, etc.) because your health and needs are priority.


Find your two top personality types and implement them into your business.