The Advantages of Seminars

by Cindy Phillips ; Updated September 26, 2017
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A properly organized seminar offers attendees a wealth of information in one place in a condensed period of time. Seminars often feature several speakers, each one providing information from a different angle or perspective. People who attend seminars learn new ideas and skills to help them improve their production, while those who present at seminars gain exposure for their products or services.

Knowledge Dissemination

A seminar can be a one-day, compact experience presented by a single speaker, or it may be spread throughout several days with various speakers, workshops and round-table discussions. Attendance at a seminar results in newly-gained knowledge in a particular subject area. Seminar opportunities are plentiful and should be researched to determine which will offer the most bang for the buck. Decide if your company is better suited to be a presenter or exhibitor, as opposed to simply an attendee. Seminars often offer discounts for group attendance, so sending more than one employee may be more practical.

Networking Opportunities

Attendees at a seminar share a common interest in the subject matter. This presents a quality networking opportunity with other professionals in the same business. When preparing to attend a seminar, pack a stack of business cards and some brochures or other information about your company. Be prepared to share information about your business with other attendees should the situation present itself. Likewise, ask for contact information from speakers, organizers and fellow attendees who can serve as a good source of information in the future, or who might be a potential customer or client.

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Team Building

When several employees of the same company attend a seminar together, it can be a quality team-building experience. Interaction outside the office environment allows team members to see each other in a different light. When several team members are exposed to a bevy of new information, it often results in a flurry of fresh brainstorming activity and new ideas upon return to the office.

Employee Recognition

Seminars are typically held at high-end hotel properties or resorts. Sending an employee to a seminar can be a sign of appreciation and recognition to the employee for a job well done. In addition, companies who choose to exhibit or present at a seminar expose their company name to a new audience. This product or service recognition often results in new prospective clients.

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