How to Place an Ad in the Newspaper. The newspaper is a timeless medium full of pertinent information about local news, worldwide media, and businesses and their services. Advertise in your local newspaper or seek out a national newspaper to reach your niche market or to expand into a new business adventure.

Step 1.

Conceptualize an ad campaign or ad model that best promotes your services, products or business in a comprehensible yet original way.

Step 2.

Promote a general ad about your business or advertise for a sale, event, or special that you may have.

Step 3.

Call or go online to your local Newspaper and/or contact a national newspaper. An account executive should be available to get your ad ready for publishing.

Step 4.

Evaluate ad rates and determine your newspaper advertising budget. It is important to evaluate what you will get for your money so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

Step 5.

Seek advice from professionals to tie your ad concept into a fully incorporated package of clear communication, product or service information and where they should go or who they should call.

Step 6.

Establish ad size, colors and overall layout that will most effectively portray your business.

Step 7.

Determine which section of the newspaper you would like your ad to be placed.

Step 8.

Set date or dates that your ad will run. Determine the prime days or times that your potential demographics will be reached.

Step 9.

Request an ad proof. An ad proof will ensure that you are getting an accurate ad.

Step 10.

Look over proof via email or fax. Check for spelling and that all ad details are accurate.

Step 11.

Approve or request changes or updates.

Step 12.

Repeat approval steps until ad is accurate.


Always have more then one person review your ad proof. Make sure that your ad undoubtedly communicates your business, products or services.