How to Start a Mystery Shopping Company

How to Start a Mystery Shopping Company. Mystery shopping involves inspecting local businesses by performing "secret shops." Although it is serious business, it is fun and easy work. Start your own mystery shopping company and improve customer service for the rest of us.

Start your mystery shopping company by contacting small local businesses. You may send a letter, call or arrive in person. Usually, sending a letter to announce your services works well for the initial contact. The letter should be informative but brief. Tell them that you do mystery shopping, you are local, you are reliable, and you can help their profits by showing them what they lack in customer service.

Follow up your letter with a phone call a few days later. Ask to speak with the owner, manager or whoever makes the decisions. Be informative and stress the benefits of your service to this person. Try to set an in-person appointment.

Offer a risk free (or even a completely free) first shop. Explain to a potential new client that you will mystery shop a business of their choice and provide a complete report for the owner's review.

Mystery shop the business that the owner requested. Give a complete report exactly as you would if you were being paid to do the job. Submit it on time to the owner and allow time to review your report.

Call the owner, after a few days, and ask questions. Set another face-to-face appointment. Take a completed contract with you. If the owner wants some terms changed, compromise and make changes you can both agree upon.

Perform any future mystery shopping per the terms of the contract. Ask if you can use your new client for referrals.

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