How to Have a Business Conversation

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How to Have a Business Conversation. Perhaps you are new to the business world, or perhaps you have been in it for so long that you've lost your spark. Most sectors of the professional world require you to engage in formal business conversations. Even the most seasoned veterans can forget how to start a business conversation. Nevertheless, anyone can refer to the below steps for engaging in a painless, productive business conversation.

Get to know your business conversation partner. Learn more about your colleague by asking him how he is, where he comes from or some other benign but revealing questions.

Locate some common ground. Find out what similarities the two of you have, and then slowly move toward a more business oriented conversation, where you can talk about what your companies or departments have in common as well.

Move toward topics such as the latest trends in your industry, your latest projects or whatever the predetermined topic of conversation is if you two are meeting for a specific reason.

Listen attentively to what your partner says, and respond with some quick comments throughout the business conversation. Other people love to talk; it's okay to give way to them in situations like this.

Compliment your conversation partner throughout the exchange. Who doesn't love to receive praise from time to time?

Make your own points in the business conversation in a firm but concise way. Everyone is short on time, and you don't want to cause any time management issues.

Close your business conversation with a firm handshake and a smile. Leave your partner with a positive and professional impression.


  • Younger people tend to pepper their conversations with terms such as "cool," "awesome" and "like." Leave these unprofessional words out of your business conversations. Avoid controversial topics such as politics and religion. The weather is a decent topic to fall back on if you can't think of anything else to discuss.


  • When highlighting some of your professional accomplishments in your conversation, don't brag about them unless you plan to do so in an amusing way.