Brother stamps are a must-have for offices that use the same type of wording and signatures for a variety of applications. Whether it's important that you stamp the date on documents or you need a custom stamp for your name and credentials, Brother stamps self-ink to save time and mess. When the ink runs out on your Brother stamp, refilling the reservoirs is simple work with a steady hand. Keep a bottle of refill ink on hand so you always have clean, crisp stamp lines.

Step 1.

Snap the holder -- the large plastic rectangular portion of the stamp -- from the base of the stamp. This reveals the inside of the stamp. Set the holder aside.

Step 2.

Locate the refill holes in the stamp. They are the small holes on the short ends of the stamp base.

Step 3.

Place five drops of ink into each refill hole. Take care not to spill or splash the ink, as it could stain and is difficult to remove from skin and clothes.

Step 4.

Snap the holder back onto the stamp base and recap the refill bottle.

Step 5.

Test the stamp on a blank piece of paper several times before using for professional purposes. Excess ink could cause leakage in the stamp and stamping it a few times on paper should remove any excess.