Polyvend R32 Instructions

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Glasco Polyvend Lektrovend is one of the leading manufactures of glass-front snack vending machines in the United States. Its product line includes machines of many different shapes and sizes, designed to fit a variety of available spaces. Their R32 model has independent dispensing units for snacks, candy and pastries, with each individual dispenser activated by letter and number push-buttons on the control board. You can use the control board to set prices for each product after the machine is installed, as well as other options for the machine.

Press and hold the MODE button located on the control board on the back of the main drawer assembly, which will enter the control board into Service mode.

Select a product slot by using the numbers and letters on the key pad. Release the MODE button to make the product active.

Press and hold the MODE button again and the product's price will go up in nickel increments. Release the MODE button when it advances to your desired price.

Press and hold the MODE button again to decrease the product's price in nickel increments if you accidentally go past your desired price. Release the MODE button when you are at the correct price. After no activity for 10 seconds, the final price will be set.

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 with each individual product slot until you have set all of your desired prices.