How to Create a Line Sheet Template

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A line sheet is an organizational tool used by businesses to make products clearer and more presentable for potential buyers or clients. It groups related products together, such as in a catolog or magazine, making it easier for buyers to select what they want. Within the grouping, buyers are presented with similar products that may supplement their choices. A line sheet template can be sketched and shared.

Write your company's name and contact information along the top or bottom of the page. This is essential, because you must provide customers with an easy way to differentiate your line sheet from others, as well as a way to contact you quickly with questions or orders.

Write other important order details on the top or the bottom of the page, including delivery and order dates that apply to all items on the line sheet. Since this is a template, you do not need to write an actual date. Consider writing "delivery dates: mm/dd/yy to mm/dd/yy," so that the person using your template to make the actual line sheet knows to include this information.

Strategically place images of your products on the template. For example, if you are selling furniture, place clear images of the furniture in a layout that is well organized and easy to read. A simple layout is best; avoid collages of overlapped, scrambled images. Since you are making a template, you do not necessarily have to include pictures. You can draw out boxes with the word "image" inside them instead.

Write specific product and order information beneath or beside each picture box. Such information may include the name, type, style and product number of the item, as well as the sizes and colors it is available in, if applicable. Be sure to include pricing for each item as well.

Review the template. Make sure it is organized and that all the information is legible and clear. Rearrange information or images as desired, to enhance the appeal of the line sheet.


  • You can also make a line sheet template in the same way using a computer. If you do, save the template for future use. Then copy the template, and simply cut and paste new products and information to make a new line sheet.