How to Profit From an Antique Booth

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An antique booth is the perfect outlet for those with a penchant for all things vintage. Running a successful antique booth is feasible for novices and veteran collectors alike. The key is to garner, at the least, a modest income that allows you to continue passing along your treasures. With a few imaginative touches to the booth and an ounce of marketing savvy, you can profit from your hobby.

Draw buyers to your booth with a pleasing store front. Suspend windows from the ceiling above your booth and frame the entrance with novelty items to attract shoppers to your booth. Advertise sale items in colorful script with an eclectic combination that includes an antique easel and illuminated wipe-off LED board.

Price items to move. Note the median income in your area when tagging your items. Pricing above peoples' means results in antiques gathering dust instead of bringing in profits. Check the competition. Note the booths around you and the pricing structure other proprietors use. If the big-ticket items aren't moving as quickly as you hope, offer temporary markdowns during peak shopping weekends to entice buyers.

Build a website that showcases your antiques. Several free sites offer ready-made templates. After you pick a theme that suits your style, upload pictures and descriptions of your wares. Create a fan page on various social networking sites that showcase finds, sales and the link to your website. Decide whether you will ship items and make this clear on your site.