How to Generate Sales in a Gift Shop

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Depending on the location and the type of merchandise sold in the gift shop, generating sales and new business can be challenging. For some small businesses, drumming up new sales may be the difference between keeping the gift shop open or going out of business. By trying a few new techniques to market the gift shop, however, you will have new customers coming into the shop and generating more sales before you know it.

Advertise sales or a promotion in the gift shop’s window or in the local newspaper. In addition, advertising a reward program can entice buyers to come into the shop. For instance, if a customer purchases five books, you can give the customer the sixth book at no cost.

Offer free samples of the products sold in the gift shop. Depending on the nature of the gift shop, this may be easy to do. For example, if you sell snacks or candies in your store, allow the shoppers the opportunity to try the product before they purchase it.

Hire a professional to create a window display. An appealing window display can increase sales and interest in your gift shop. While hiring a display professional may seem pricey, an attractive window display will entice more shoppers to venture into the shop.

Sell items that appeal to everyone, not just items that appeal to tourists or a certain age group. If possible, create a gift shop that can generate loyal customers who will continue to return to buy the special items your gift shop carries.

Set up items outside the gift shop to attract individuals passing by the store. Include a variety of items to entice a variety of tastes. However, you may have to keep a watchful eye on the merchandise, which can be difficult.