How to Describe an Organizer Position on a Resume

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Planning an event is a lot of responsibility and leads to the development of leadership and organizational skills that most employers would find valuable. Whether you held one volunteer organizer position or have set out on a career as a professional event organizer, this information can be a valuable asset on your resume. The way you describe an organizer position on your resume depends upon the type of resume format you choose.

Chronological Organizer Resume

Choose a chronological format if you are an experienced event organizer and have been steadily employed. List your title first, such as “Assistant Organizer.”

Write the name of the organization or company you serviced as an organizer. If this was an independent event, such as a festival, write the name of the event instead.

Write the location, including city and state, of the event you organized, followed by the window of time during which you held the organizer position.

Write a list of two to five responsibilities and accomplishments you held or achieved during your time in this organizer position. Begin each statement with a strong action verb, such as “prepared” or “finalized,” and write incomplete, brief sentences. Use statistics and numbers to support your accomplishments whenever possible; for example, “Implemented new advertising plan for event, which drew a record-setting crowd of over 5,000 attendees.”

Functional Organizer Resume

Choose a functional format if you have gaps in your employment history or if you are transitioning careers and wish to include your organizer experience as part of your overall skills. Write a “Summary of Qualifications” section first, which should include a detailed list of your skills and accomplishments, including those that you developed in your organizer positions.

Write an “Experience” section, or, if you have held several organizer positions in different fields, divide the sections by type. For example, you may have a “Fundraising Experience” section, a “Corporate Events Experience” section and a “Customer Service” section.

Write your title as an organizer beneath the appropriate experience section, followed by the name of the company or event, the city and state, and the window of time during which you held the position. List these organizer positions in order of relevance to the job for which you are applying rather than in chronological order.